Doctor Testimonials

"I have been referring patients to Dr. Chris Yelton for endodontric  treatment and retreatment for the past two years. Some cases have been for patients who have had to avoid extractions for medical or other reasons and for whom Dr. Yelton has saved some challenging teeth. All of our mutual patients have been complimentary of their care in Dr. Yelton’s office. Professionalism and thoroughness are frequent descriptions. They have appreciated being seen in a timely fashion and in experiencing minimal discomfort. Comments about Dr. Yelton’s business and clinic staff have all been complimentary. I have complete confidence in referring patients to Dr. Yelton. His treatment results are impressive and the patients return happy. Our staff enjoys working with his. We are fortunate to have him in Fort Worth."

-Gerald Cox, D.D.S.


"It has been almost 3 years that I have been sending my patients to Dr. Chris Yelton for either consultation or for root canal treatment. I have never been disappointed yet. I know people have a high fear of root canals, but all my patients coming back from Dr. Yelton always tell me that they didn’t feel anything, and now, they love root canals! He is very thorough in his diagnosis and excellent in his treatment. Dr. Yelton is the most honest and humble endodontist I have ever worked with. Essential Endodontics has a very friendly and cooperative staff too!  I am looking forward to working many more years together."

-Devang Patel, D.D.S.



"When my patients return from their visit with Dr. Yelton, they express gratitude for the referral, and are slightly confused as to why so many complain about getting a root canal.  They report a pleasant experience because he is courteous from the start, gentle through his care, and prompt in his responses.  I have found a go-to specialist in Dr Yelton."

-Justin Cook,D.D.S.  


"Dr Yelton is a fantastic endodontist. I have been entrusting my patients, my friends, and my family to his care for over 5 years. I have always been impressed with the personal attention he gives each and every patient. Dr Yelton has the ability to treat challenging cases with great results without sacrificing patient comfort. I consistently get raving reviews from my patients after treatment with Dr Yelton. If I ever need a root canal there is no doubt I would ask Dr Yelton to do it. He is a talented endodontist with a friendly and efficient staff. I have no reservations referring my patients to Dr Yelton."

-Eric Wear, D.D.S.


"Dr Yelton has been providing exceptional endodontic care for my patient family for many years now.  He and his staff are always pleasant and accommodating and try their very best to see our emergency patients right away as needed.  Dr Yelton is committed to dental excellence and is a valued and much appreciated member of our adjunct team for comprehensive patient care requiring endodontics.  He has invested in state of the art precise 3D cone beam imaging and surgical microscopes to minimize complications and ensure the best results for patients.  He sponsors and attends our Spear study club to foster and build relationships that ensure comprehensive unmatched quality and streamlined processes for our patients.  His office staff is attentive and kind within an environment that is state of the art and yet comfortable. He is a highly skilled surgeon in arguably the most difficult specialty within dentistry, and his results are second to none.  He educates and communicates well with my patients, and they return raving about the experience.  His team quickly returns a treatment summary letter to our office complete with finished radiographs so that we can be ready to file any insurance claims necessary to complete the entire process for our patients in a timely fashion. No one ever wants a root canal, but if I or my family needed one, I would only want Dr Yelton and his team to provide the necessary quality care."

-Melanie Throne, D.D.S.


"Dr. Chris Yelton has been very helpful in resolving several of my patients’ endodontic needs, and the feedback we have received from our patients has been very positive. He is professional, caring and takes time to explain the procedures and address patients concerns. His office staff is very friendly and helpful. I look forward to continue referring our patients to Dr. Yelton."

-Tom Bonds, D.D.S.


"I have been referring my patients to Dr. Yelton for nearly all of my referred Root Canals for about 3 years now and couldn’t be happier.  My patients love the fact that he tries to get them seen as soon as possible, and in as few visits as possible.  I love the fact that he is energetic, and always available to pick up the phone when I need to consult about a patient.  My patients are happy, and I’m happy, can’t beat that combo!"

-Alex Smith, D.M.D.

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